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Education and Engagement

Opera Guild
Sing with Us School Program students

Sing with Us - School Programs

Create with Us - School Programs

Students performing in Book to Bravo!
Snow Queen Dance

Perform with Us - Community Programs

Voice to Potential 

Supporting students to express themselves and grow.


  • Deepen cultural understanding and empathy
  • Support students in problem solving and critical thinking
  • Embrace comprehension of literary arts
  • Enhance understanding of patterns and systems
  • Encourage practice, goal-setting, and self-determination
  • Inspire imagination and innovation
  • Promote greater self-esteem, self-expression, and regulation
  • Unite students in effective collaboration and communication


Pie Chart for Multiple Intelligences: Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, Naturalistic, Intrapersonal, Visual-Spatial, Musical

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Learn about our mission and rich history.

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Questions? Contact (415) 565-3280 or guildeducation@sfopera.com.

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Guild Events

San Francisco Opera Guild hosts some of the most prestigious events in the Bay Area.