SFOpera - Directors' Note

Directors' Note


After a very long year of silence and isolation, we are delighted to welcome you this evening as part of the celebration of San Francisco Opera’s return to the stage.

A desire for connection is an integral part of the life of a musician and especially so for those of us involved in the operatic art form. We have desperately missed collaborative music-making, connecting with colleagues onstage, in the pit and behind the scenes, and of course, the precious connection with you, our wonderful audience.

Despite the challenges of this last year, the talented and resilient young musicians of the Adler Fellowship Program have been hard at work continuing to refine and develop their craft through an intense program of online lessons, coachings and seminars. Thanks to extraordinary efforts and collaboration across many visionary departments at San Francisco Opera (with a special and huge thank you to the sound department!), our artists have utilized technological solutions to make music remotely in real time. There is a palpable sense of relief and wonder each time our singers and pianists are able to collaborate and breathe together, even through a computer screen. 

This evening presents the next step in an exciting return to live music-making, and we are so grateful to be here sharing in this moment of rebirth and new beginning. For us, this concert also marks the first of our tenure as the new leadership of the San Francisco Opera Center. With you, we celebrate the excitement of this occasion and look forward to many more performances to come.

Carrie-Ann Matheson
Artistic Director, San Francisco Opera Center

Markus Beam
General Manager, San Francisco Opera Center