SFOpera - 4 Fun Pop-Culture Parallels for The Makropulos Case

4 Fun Pop-Culture Parallels for The Makropulos Case

The Makropulos Case features a seductive diva who has broken hearts for over 300 years and yet doesn’t look a day over 30. Full of intrigue and drama, this captivating opera calls to mind plenty of pop-culture references everyone knows and loves. Read on to discover a few of our favorites!

1. Death Becomes Her
Like the rival femme fatales—one a novelist and the other a star of stage and screen—who gain everlasting youth by drinking an enchanted potion in this uproarious black comedy, The Makropulos Case’s Emilia Marty—or more fittingly, E.M.—is a celebrated performer desperate to retain her immortality and fame. Each of these women is determined to get their hands on the magical liquid that keeps them forever young . . . at any cost.

2. Dark Shadows
Whether you’re a fan of the original 60s daytime soap opera, the 90s television drama series remake, or Tim Burton’s more recent film adaption, you can’t deny the similarities between Dark Shadow’s Barnabus Collins and The Makropulos Case’s E.M. Collins is a dashing 200-year-old vampire who awakens and sets outs to lay claim to his ancestral home and involve himself in the lives of his descendants. Similarly, E.M. is determined to get what is rightfully hers, even as she endeavors to keep her true identity hidden. Melodrama and plot twists follow both of these hypnotizing characters as their stories progress.

3. Tuck Everlasting
This beloved movie about a family and their long-hidden mysteries explores the concept of immortality and suggests that living forever may not be as desirable as it seems. In the film, 17-year-old Jesse recounts how he drank a magical elixir that froze him forever in youth, much like what happened to E.M. in The Makropulos Case. In both stories, new characters are faced with the choice of whether to partake of the life-giving liquids that could make them immortal too.

4. The Legacy
This critically acclaimed and award-winning Danish television drama—soon to be remade for U.S. audiences—charts the saga of a family torn asunder by the legal aftermath of an inheritance dispute. As in The Makropulos Case, an illegitimate child with a claim to the contested will surfaces and juicy secrets spill out as a story of desperate characters and their actions swiftly unfolds.

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