SFOpera - Rehearsal Coordinator: Personnel

Rehearsal Coordinator: Personnel

PURPOSE:  To serve as the primary support to the Rehearsal Department by casting/hiring/managing Supernumerary Adults & Children, Studio Teachers, and Child Wranglers, as well as coordinating/managing associated personnel: Child Principals, Child Choruses, Chaperones, Representatives, and Guardians. To administer daily Rehearsal Department duties in order to support Main Stage artists/staff, Opera Center, Merola Opera program, and SFO staff members through the scheduling process and by overseeing the general facilitation of the rehearsal and performance process. To aid in the compliance of COVID protocols and testing.


  • Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent work experience
  •  Minimum two years of stage related experience in theatre, opera, music, or performance arts desired
  • Experience in opera / music and the performing arts preferred
  • Knowledge of opera production scheduling and opera repertoire preferable


  • Must have reliable daily attendance and punctuality, as well as maintain a high level of confidentiality
  • Provides a welcoming and friendly environment for guest artists, company members, patrons and volunteers; must be able to recall a large quantity of names, dates, and times
  • Ability to anticipate & solve problems quickly, with an aptitude for crisis management, maintaining a professional demeanor under pressure
  • Must communicate in a clear, professional, and patient manner by phone, in writing, and in person
  • Ability to work collaboratively and diplomatically in a team and with others, to take initiative / work with confidence, and to establish effective working relationships and interact effectively with a wide range of personalities and working styles
  • Must be able to set priorities; coordinate multiple projects simultaneously, meet firm deadlines
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule, including weekends, late night services, and split shifts
  • Proficiency in MS Word, Excel and Outlook & an understanding of web based applications
  • Knowledge of foreign languages, particularly German, Italian, or French desirable, but not necessary
  • Must perform the functions of the position in a safe manner while working in an environment with a high level of noise and distractions
  • Must have the ability to work in onstage conditions: to see clearly in low-light situations such as are common backstage and in the theatre; walk and stand on complex stage settings throughout day-to-day activities
  • Ability to sit at a computer/desk for up to eight hours per day; must be able to deliver schedules and escort artists to rehearsal spaces


Supernumeraries (Extras) & Associated Personnel (Adults, Children, Studio Teachers, Wranglers, Chaperones/Representatives)

  • Arranges and executes casting calls, auditions, or Q&A meetings for Supernumeraries
  • Creates a Supers Preference form including a per-show preference document. Sends received receipts & tracks on the database
  • Reviews Production materials to confirm the number and quality of Supernumeraries needed for a given production. Plans the use of Adult and Child Supernumeraries per production with the Rehearsal Dept Director. Coordinates casting supernumerary slots based on production needs from the existing supernumerary database; scouts for and develops mechanisms for identifying new supers.
  • Responsible for recruiting, casting, and management of the Supernumeraries for each opera production; communicates with directors, designers, etc. to cast supernumeraries that fit a specific production’s needs; communicates with the Costume Director and Costume Supervisors to effectively cast Supers that fit existing costumes, when applicable. Responsible for updating and maintaining the Supernumerary database.
  • Schedules all Supernumerary Measurement Sessions and Costume Fittings; distributes the Super Fitting Schedule, as needed.
  • Creates & maintains an extracted schedule for all Adult & Child Supers, Child Choruses/Representatives, Studio Teachers and Wranglers on a per-production basis—using the weekly master & budgeted rehearsals as a template; communicates the schedule and all super-related notifications to the Supers cast in each production
  • Creates & maintains a per-show Contact sheet (for Rehearsal Department usage only) for Adult/Child Supernumeraries, Child Choruses/Representatives, & Studio Teacher/Wranglers, as well as a Casting List for Supers & Child Choruses to be shared with Production & Communications.

Supernumeraries (Extras) & Associated Personnel (Adults, Children, Studio Teachers, Wranglers, Chaperones/Representatives)

  • Requests Supernumerary ID badges & provides the Supers with HR/Media/personal paperwork. Compiles ID badge requests for child chorus organizations and chaperones.
  • Prepares the sign-in sheets for the Supernumeraries and/or associated personnel for each production; checks-in Supernumeraries and associated personnel before rehearsals/performances and communicates absences to production team. Maintains the Super Call Board by creating and posting sign-in sheets, schedules and miscellaneous notes.
  • Works with the Rehearsal Department Director & Rehearsal Administrator to ensure compliance of the State of California Child Labor Laws & the collective bargaining agreement between Studio Teachers (IATSE Local #16) and SFO. Must be prepared to learn California Child Labor Laws and help explain the limitations of such laws to the parents/guardians and to members of the Company.
  • Works with parents to complete New Hire Paperwork for all Child Supers (including liaising with parents and the California Division of Labor Board to procure Entertainment Work Permits); works with Studio Teachers, Wranglers, and Chaperones to create a safe and productive plan for moving Child Supers around the WMOH and associated rehearsal venues.
  • Responsible for the Studio Teacher/Wrangler New Hire Information; oversees and schedules studio teachers, wranglers, and chaperones. Collects all employment/company paperwork for studio teachers (and/or wranglers) including employment packets, time sheets, ID badge requests, sick time submissions, teacher certificates & parking reimbursement.
  • Manages changing child labor laws, minimum wage increases, the permit to employ minors, and late-night waiver submissions
  • Compiles payment requests and distributes payments for all Supernumeraries
  • Attends pre-season, weekly schedule, & Tech Department Heads meetings (if available) to coordinate the scheduling of day-to-day activities. Observes rehearsals as necessary and might need to stand-in when applicable.

General duties shared by the Rehearsal Department

  • Assists in the general management of the Rehearsal Department, including the hiring/ training process of new staff members.
  • Covers the rehearsal office so that there is always a staff member physically present during an opera related activity (rehearsal or performance) either on or off-site. Fields questions from artists while they are in San Francisco and directs artists to the proper person.
  • Must gain on-the-job training of local Health Orders/Company COVID Safety policies, as well as different Covid testing processes.
  • Assists in the administration of company COVID testing, including answering questions, supervising individual testing processes, ensuring protocol compliance, keeping results confidential, and maintaining an accurate account of testing sign-in sheets.
  • Must be prepared to gain a general understanding of other Collective Bargaining Agreements-in addition to the CA Child Labor Laws
  • Schedule Based: Cross-references Weekly Master Schedules against departmental calendars; Assists in proofing Chorus, Orchestra & Dancer Master Calendars. Helps collect information (from Music Operations and Rehearsal Dept Director/ Rehearsal Administrator) and distributes bi-weekly schedules at the end of each week. Assists with the Rehearsal Department weekly coverage schedule and helps with the creating, distributing, posting & archiving the daily, weekly, and bi-weekly schedules; as well as reviews the War Memorial Bi-Weekly & Monthly Calendars (Opera House, Davies, Zellerbach, Herbst & Wilsey) and communicates any discrepancies. Inputs artist release information into the release database. Assists with scheduling same day rehearsal spaces, coaching studios, & dressing rooms—as well as booking conference room requests into the Outlook calendar.
  • Compiles a ticket voucher list for Artists’ Guests for open final dress rehearsals; works the Artist Guest door or in the office for final dress rehearsals to distribute vouchers & to confirm that all guest admittance policies are being observed.
  • Show Based: Assists in ensuring that all artists are accounted for prior to rehearsals and performances; contacts all principal artists & the maestro the morning of each performance to confirm wellness, call times, and backstage guests. Compiles a backstage guest list for each performance, updates this list throughout the performance, and prepares the backstage guest list/passes for the door guards Assists in the preparation of the performance sign-in sheets for on-call/on-duty staff members (Executive, Managing Directors, Artistic, Music Staff, Tech), In-house Doctor, & Covers



  • Directs and/or escorts artists to rehearsal spaces both within the WMOH grounds and external venues. Unlocks the rehearsal spaces, coaching studios, and dressing rooms at the WMOH and reports any maintenance issues.
  • Compiles ID badge requests for artists, staff, spouses and/or families, & house doctors. Prints and distributes Rehearsal Department reference cards containing important phone numbers & email addresses
  • Retrieves and distributes mail, invitations, flowers/gifts, and phone message/package notifications to artists/staff. Handles personal needs of artists/production teams when necessary, such as: food, medicine, taxis
  • Assists with creating and changing the dressing room placards according to the onstage rehearsal or performance.
  • Maintains the Rehearsal Department call board by posting the current version of pertinent information
  • Assists Security and House Management with access and/or clearance for guests or unescorted opera patrons
  • Responsible for general office maintenance; assists in ordering or purchasing office, hospitality, & medical supplies

Performs other job-related duties as assigned


E-mail required cover letter, job application, and résumé to [email protected] or fax to (415) 634-0203.  No phone calls please.  San Francisco Opera only retains résumés that are sent in response to specific, posted job openings.

Vaccination policy: San Francisco Opera has implemented a mandatory COVID vaccination policy, which requires employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID to perform work for the company or have been approved for an accommodation based on disability or sincerely held religious belief.  Within 24 hours of accepting a conditional offer of employment with SF Opera, individuals must either submit proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID or submit to the human resources department a medical or religious exemption from the vaccination policy. If proof of vaccination is not provided and a request for an exemption is either not submitted in the time frame stated or not granted, the conditional offer of employment will be null and void by its own terms as the condition will not have been fulfilled.  Individuals receiving a conditional offer of employment from SF Opera will be provided the full text of the vaccination policy.

Qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records will be considered for this position in accordance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance.




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