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Meet the Archives Army

Right from the beginning, David Gockley's (General Director Emeritus) vision for the Wilsey Center included a home for the Company's fledgling Archives.  His vision combined with Jon Finck's (former director of public relations and communications) passion for the history of our Company came together to establish the Edward Paul Braby San Francisco Opera Archives located in the Diane B. Wilsey Center for Opera.  Tapped by Gockley for her vast experience in arts management and opera in particular, Ann Farris has used her infinite powers of persuasion to not only build the Archives Team, but to charm many a person into becoming a donor of important historic materials.   

Since 2009, these dedicated folks have given tens of thousands of hours to their shared passion of preserving the legacy of this Company.  That passion shines through in all aspects of STREAMING THE FIRST CENTURY.

This project could not have happened without every one of you.  

Majie Amouzegar
Marcy Bastiani
Karen Baumer
Carol Buonagurio
Shelley Carr
Helen Chin
Stan Dufford
Ann Farris
Peter Felleman                                                
Ellen Grinnell
Phil Grisier
Daisy Horan
Jackie Jay                                                            
Nancy Jones
Jeannie Kaufman                                                            
Lawrence Kim                                                   
Kori Lockhart
Nancy Adler Montgomery
Heidi Munzinger                                              
Jim Nance
Roz Petit
Molly Prosser
Bethany Qualls                                                 
Nora Quatrin
Tom Reed
Rhonda Robichaud                                         
Rob Robb                                                           
Stephanie Rogers
Herbert Scholder
Mary Seastrand                               
Susan Storch                                                     
Richard Sparks                                                  
Laurie Thompson
Susan Warble
Marianne Welmers