The Barber of Seville (Il Barbiere di Siviglia), Gioachino Rossini


Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad, Andrew King, pianists



La Traviata, Giuseppe Verdi

“Libiamo ne’ lieti calici”

Esther Tonea, Violetta; Christopher Oglesby, Alfredo; Tutti, chorus
Andrew King, pianist


The Parisian revelers look to Alfredo to open the evening’s festivities with an impromptu toast after Violetta’s paramour declines. Alfredo decides to use the moment to increase his favor in Violetta’s eyes and one-up his competition.



Giuditta, Franz Lehár

“Freunde, das Leben ist Lebenswert”                                 

Christopher Colmenero, Octavio
Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad, pianist


While enjoying wine with his comrades, Octavio, an army captain, ardently expresses the joys of life and beautiful women.



The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte), Wolfgang AmadeusMozart

“Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen”                     

Elisa Sunshine, Königin der Nacht
Andrew King, pianist


After her daughter Pamina refuses to kill their mutual enemy Sarastro, The Queen of the Night rails against her betrayal and invokes the Gods of Revenge in one last desperate attempt to regain her power.



The Marriage of Figaro (Le Nozze di Figaro), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

“Cosa mi narri…..Sull’aria”                                     

Esther Tonea, Countess Almaviva; Simone McIntosh, Susanna
Andrew King, pianist


Countess Almaviva is growing tired of her husband's infidelity, and his advances on her friend and servant Susanna are the last straw. The countess has Susanna write a letter to the count asking him to meet her alone in the garden so that they can put an end to his infidelity once and for all.



Romeo and Juliet (Roméo et Juliette), Charles Gounod 

“Je veux vivre”                                                                        

Anne-Marie MacIntosh, Juliette
Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad, pianist


At a party celebrating her sixteenth birthday, Juliet, who is betrothed to Paris, sings a breathless waltz song, excitedly proclaiming that she wants to revel in the exhilaration of youth before surrendering to the joys and pains of love.


The Pearl Fishers (Les Pêcheurs de Perles), Georges Bizet 

“Au fond du temple saint”                                      

Christopher Oglesby, Nadir; Timothy Murray, Zurga
Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad, pianist


In this beloved duet, two comrades recall the past, when they both fell in love with a beautiful priestess. Together they reject old rivalries and vow that nothing will ever destroy their loyal friendship.



Cinderella (Cendrillon), Jules Massenet 

“Enfin, je suis ici”                                                                    

Simone McIntosh, Cendrillon
Andrew King, pianist


Cinderella has arrived back home after meeting and falling in love with the Prince at his ball. She recounts the fear-filled journey and begs her Fairy God Mother to forgive her for losing one of her glass slippers.



Les soirées musicales, Gioachino Rossini

La Danza                                                                                                 

Zhengyi Bai
, tenor
Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad, piano


One of Rossini’s most celebrated songs, La Danza is written in the style of the Tarantella Napoletana, a folk dance originating in the southern Italian town of Taranto.  It is a favorite of many singers, from Caruso to Cecilia Bartoli and was a frequent encore on many of Luciano Pavarotti’s recitals.



The Tales of Hoffmann (Les Contes d’Hoffmann), Jacques Offenbach 


Anne-Marie MacIntosh
, Giulietta; Simone McIntosh, Nicklausse
Andrew King, pianist


This lilting Venetian boat song, with its familiar melody, opens with the words “Belle nuit, O nuit d’amour” – “Lovely night, O night of love.”



South Pacific, Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

“Some enchanted evening”                                                  

Stefan Egerstrom, Emile de Beque
Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad, pianist


In this famous Rodgers and Hammerstein tune Emile de Becque professes his love for Nellie Forbush by recalling the evening he first saw her “across a crowded room.”



The Merry Widow (Die lustige Witwe), Franz Lehár 

“Lippen Schweigen”                                                

Elisa Sunshine, Hanna; Timothy Murray, Count Danilo
Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad, pianist


Wealthy widow Hanna Glawari and Count Danilo Danilovitsch finally admit their deep feelings for one another while waltzing in each other's arms. 



Valurile Dunării, George Grigoriu


sther Tonea, soprano
Andrew King, pianist


In this Romanian aria, originally written for tenor, Ivanovici recalls his childhood by the magical Danube River. He feels a rush of joy as he sings a melody that arose from the depths of the waters, renewing his fiery love and passion for music. 



Richard Strauss

Zueignung, Op. 10, No. 1                                                                     

Christopher Colmenero, tenor
Andrew King, pianist


Serving as a dedication to a loved one, “Zueignung” describes the journey of youth and love into enlightenment. The character in the poem toasts to a grateful understanding of realizing what they once had many years ago.


I Puritani, Vincenzo Bellini

“Suoni la tromba intrepido”                                   

Timothy Murray, Riccardo; Stefan Egerstrom, Giorgio
Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad, pianist


Giorgio convinces his friend Riccardo that he must save his political enemy—and rival for the love of Elvira—from a death sentence.  The two soldiers then join to sing “Let the trumpet sound!”—a battle cry for liberty, patriotism, and glory.



La Rondine, Giacomo Puccini

“Bevo al tuo fresco sorriso”                     

Anne-Marie MacIntosh, Magda; Christopher Oglesby, Ruggero;
Elisa Sunshine, Lisette; Zhengyi Bai, Prunier; Tutti, chorus
Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad, pianist


Ruggero and Magda, who is now in disguise, are falling in love. Magda’s maid, Lisette, and Lisette’s boyfriend, Prunier, happen upon them and quickly follow Magda’s lead. The bar is crowded, love is in the air, and Ruggero gives a toast in Magda’s honor as the drinks flow!



San Francisco Opera Center

Carrie-Ann Matheson, Artistic Director; Markus Beam, General Manager


Stage Director: Jose Maria Condemi


Musical Preparation: John Churchwell, Andrew King, Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad, César Ulloa, Deborah Birnbaum, Julia Faulkner, Alessandra Cattani, Anja Burmeister Strauss

Stage Manager: Thea Railey

Assistant Stage Manager: Jayme O’Hara

Hair and Make-Up: Jeanna Parham

Costume Supervisor: Galen Till