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Indomitable Ukraine: Music of Resilience

Ukrainian Flag

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Note: Selections 6 and 9 are YouTube links and not included in the Spotify playlist.

Liuba Morozova is a music critic, presenter on the UA:CULTURE TV channel and other media outlets, teacher, and Artistic Director of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra, currently taking refuge in Germany. She founded the Lyatoshynsky Club, a Cultural Center dedicated to championing Ukrainian music at home and abroad. She has authored over a thousand articles on classical and contemporary music for Ukrainian and foreign periodicals.

Maria Sonevytsky is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Music at Bard College, NY. She is author of Wild Music: Sound and Sovereignty in Ukraine (2019) and Vopli Vidopliassova’s Tantsi (forthcoming spring 2023), and conceived of, produced, and sang in the choir for The Chornobyl Songs Project (Smithsonian Folkways, 2015). www.mariasonevytsky.com