Opera for the Soul

Enjoy curated playlists from some of our most beloved San Francisco Opera personalities.

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The Opera Hour

Opera’s most intriguing performances, curated by opera experts—including our very own general director, Matthew Shilvock. On the first Sunday of every month at 8pm Pacific, Matthew Shilvock joins Bill Lueth, president of San Francisco’s classical music radio station KDFC, for an hour of hand-picked operas and arias.

In The Opera Hour, they break down the classics with warmth, charm, and insight—not to mention insider scoops into the local opera scene! Kick back and tune in!

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Matthew Shilvock's Reflection Playlist

There is something about vocal music that speaks directly to the soul. We experience this time and time again in the opera house, but we also experience it through choral music, when it is often just the voice a cappella. This is a playlist predominantly of choral music that I started back in 2015 and have added to since - a collection of pieces that really resonate with me, and that I go back to time and time again for peace and reflection. I hope that you enjoy it!