Creativity & Wellness

Middle School students use artistic tools to set goals, embrace their core values, and foster meaningful connections within themselves and to one another.

Creativity & Wellness is a six week musical workshop using artistic creativity, health and wellness as the foundation of good practice in any discipline. Focusing on relationships, responsibility, communication, self-esteem and self-care/regulation/representation, students will practice identifying core beliefs and principles in themselves and in classic opera characters while crafting original creative works.

Includes tickets to a San Francisco Opera dress rehearsal. 

Information for Teachers

For grades 6-8. This program consists of 6 weekly class sessions of 40 minutes, in which students work collaboratively, journal as individuals, and share the artistic process in the culmination of a final project.


$450 for each participating classroom. Scholarships are available for qualifying schools.

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Questions? Contact (415) 565-3280 or [email protected].