SFOpera - At the Stage Door with Amy

At the Stage Door with Amy

Get an inside look at the people that make SF Opera happen—no badge required.

Meet Amy Garcia, Assistant Marketing Manager for Single Tickets.

AC: How long have you worked at the San Francisco Opera?
AG: April will be one year since I started working at San Francisco Opera.

AC: What brought you here?
AG: My fiancé moved out here for work. At the time I was working at Houston Grand Opera in communications doing a lot of design work and emails. So when I was looking for a new job I wanted to stay in the arts world and it was just a natural progression to go from HGO to SF Opera since they are so closely connected.

AC: What is your favorite Opera Memory?
AG: The first time that I met Joyce DiDonato was memorable for me. She is just amazing and the sweetest person you could ever meet. I was interning at the opera in Houston at the time so I was very new to the opera world but I knew who she was. She came in to interview with our PR manager and I was sitting at the front desk. She came up to me and said she had a meeting with him and I was so star struck I couldn’t really speak. I managed to tell her that he wasn’t there at the moment but I’d let him know she was here. Then I went to write her name and was so star struck that I completely forgot how to spell her last name. She looked over at me and kind of laughed and told me how to spell it and I was so embarrassed. Then going to see her in Dead Man Walking a few days later was an amazing moment.

AC: What would you tell someone who has never been to the opera before?
AG: I would tell them that they probably already love opera but don’t realize it. There are so many songs that you hear in shows or movies that are from opera. Also, opera is for everyone. There seems to be this feeling that you have to dress up but that’s not true. Everyone is welcome at the opera.

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