SFOpera - The Little White Dress

The Little White Dress

This week we went behind the scenes with Assistant Costume Director, Christopher Verdosci and BRAVO! Club Board Member, Kari Lincks of Red Curtain Addict. Since opening night, we've been awestruck by the timeless wardrobe of Emilia Marty from the Makroplous Case. So we headed to the Wilsey Center to find out more about the inspiration behind the design on Facebook Live.

Seeing the dress up close from Act 1 was spectacular! It was classic and white with silk details along the pockets. Christopher even showed us where the design originated from; a tear sheet in the 1955 edition of Vogue. Scroll down to see the cover!

Prima donna, Emilia Marty makes her grand entrance onto the stage with a matching coat and gloves that were also inspired by this edition. Since the character remains ageless, even after 300+ years, the Director selected a white ensemble to accent her youth and beauty. The design originally had a folded round collar but after the first dress rehearsal,  Nadja Michael requested it to be removed. She wanted the neckline to be timeless and have sharp edges to rival her characterization of E.M.

Christopher and Kari found a collection of designer books with photos of some of their favorite mid-century fashion icons. Who are your favorites? We found out that some of the jewelry was designed to look like recreations from Cartier and her shoes were from Badgley Mishka.

The seductive diva Emilia Marty has broken hearts for over 300 years and yet she doesn’t look a day past 30. Now that the magical elixir granting her eternal youth is wearing off, can she seduce her way to immortality?

Find out by joining us at the War Memorial for our last few productions of The Makropolous Case, celebrating the 50 Anniversary of the U.S. Premiere in San Francisco. Thank you, Christopher and Kari, for the exclusive tour! Make sure to look for our next behind the scenes video on our Facebook Page.

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Photos by: Trisha Leeper

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