SFOpera - Opera Props Get a Second Life in Shanghai Disneyland

Opera Props Get a Second Life in Shanghai Disneyland

Like many, we have been anxiously awaiting this week's opening of Shanghai Disneyland. But for us, the reason is much more personal.

Last year, San Francisco Opera’s Props Department held a massive sale for the numerous props we no longer need or use. One of our largest buyers was Disney, who was in need of props to populate several new attractions at Shanghai Disneyland. 

In total, nearly 550 props were purchased to be part of the new attractions – items ranging from chariots to steamer trunks, thrones to wine barrels. They even bought an organ! Many of the smaller items – ropes, cannons, treasure chests, etc. – now have a home in their new Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

Disney was kind enough to share with us ‘Before' and 'After’ photos of several items they purchased. We’re thrilled to see our props being ‘upcycled’ and reused in such a special way! If you find yourself visiting Shanghai Disneyland, pay particular attention to the props on the attractions. You never know – they may have once graced the San Francisco Opera stage.

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