SFOpera - Reasons to See 2016–17

Reasons to See 2016–17

Meet Alyssa Stone, San Francisco Opera’s Community Programs Manager for the Education Department. Alyssa joined the Company in 2008 and has made quite an impact developing, planning and managing educational events for the opera-curious of all ages. In a word, Alyssa is a superstar. Here’s why she thinks you should see the 2016–17 Season.

Andrea Chénier
“A major celebration of our Company.
Andrea Chénier was part of San Francisco Opera’s first season in 1923, so more than anything I see this epic lyrical drama as a major celebration of our Company! Plus, opening night at the Opera is such a dazzling experience and this opera is a feast for the eyes and the ears.

Dream of the Red Chamber
How much dreamier can a dream team get?”
One of the things I love most about San Francisco Opera is our continued dedication to commissioning and producing new works—especially when they’re based on such important texts, like Cao Xueqin’s masterpiece of Chinese literature. Composer/librettist Bright Sheng, librettist David Henry Hwang, director Stan Lai, designer Tim Yip, conductor George Manahan—how much dreamier can a dream team get?

Don Pasquale
I’m obsessed with Norina’s California poppy-esque costume.
Donizetti’s comedies are absolute gems! The music is fabulous, the cast is spectacular and I cannot wait to see this rotating set à la Les Miserables. Also, I’m obsessed with Norina’s California poppy-esque costume and may try to steal it from the Costume Department…

The Makropulos Case
Beautifully human.
Leoš Janáček’s operas are to die for. Poetic but not saccharine, his operas flirt between folk tales and nationalist dramas. But above all, the characters are so real, beautifully human and imperfect.

A visual and musical treat!”
I am so excited to see this stunning opera in its new setting by contemporary artist RETNA. I love the intersection of Egyptian hieroglyphics and contemporary street art—and, of course, the cast of singers is above and beyond. What a visual and musical treat!

Madame Butterfly
Is it so wrong to hope every time Madame Butterfly begins that maybe this time will be different?”
I get totally sucked into the story, music and melodrama—it’s one of those operas that just takes me to another place. Also, I am a big fan of Jun Kaneko’s design of The Magic Flute, so I’m very excited to see another opera with Kaneko’s artistic touch.

“Rigoletto is a perfect opera for a new audience-goer.
Soaring sopranos, disguised tenors and curse-wielding baritones? Sign me up! Giuseppe Verdi is a personal favorite of mine in the opera canon—his music is dark and deep and velvety.

Don Giovanni
A luscious summertime affair.
A few years ago I was the assistant director for a production of Don Giovanni, and it allowed me to live in the words, music and characters. I am very excited to see Mozart’s juicy and deceptively dark opera again—it’s a luscious summertime affair.

La Bohème
“Puccini’s music can turn even the coldest of hearts burning hot
Oh to live the life of a fanciful Parisian artist…minus the freezing winter, rent struggles and consumption. Puccini’s music can turn even the coldest of hearts burning hot so this opera is perfect for newbies. I’m going armed with baguette and cheese, a beret and macarons to share!

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