SFOpera - Reasons to See 2016–17

Reasons to See 2016–17

It is our pleasure to introduce San Francisco Opera’s Annual Giving Manager, Jennifer Jordan. Jennifer’s been with the Opera for one year and manages the Opera’s membership program, which includes direct mailings, telefunding and digital fundraising. In her free time, she’s a freelance writer and editor, as well as a consultant and volunteer with First Exposures and Help-Portrait. Jennifer is a multi-talented, smart-as-a-whip kind of gal who is a real pleasure to work with. Check out her short, yet very sweet 2016–17 Season.

Dream of the Red Chamber
I’m really looking forward to the world premiere of Dream of the Red Chamber. I’m always curious to see new works, and this one is especially intriguing, as it’s based on one of China’s most beloved classical epic novels. There’s a huge cast of characters, including meddling family members and star-crossed lovers caught in a dramatic love triangle…and of course, plenty of tragedy! I can’t wait to see how it all comes to life onstage, especially after seeing Tim Yip’s richly detailed costume designs and listening to the gorgeous audio excerpts.

The Makropulos Case
My favorite opera of the 2015–16 Season was Jenůfa, so now I’m extra excited to see The Makropulos Case! I’ve talked to a few San Francisco Opera patrons and staff members who saw this production here in 2010, and everyone raves about it! The set design and costumes for this production are visually striking, and I just love Janáček’s music. With an immortal main character who depends on a magical elixir to remain young and adopts new identities to keep her secret safe, this opera has a lot in common with some of today’s best-loved pop culture, from vampire stories to films like Death Becomes Her. I’m already recommending this one to some of my friends who are new to opera, but who I know will appreciate these elements the same way I do.

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See these operas with a Design Your Own Series and save up to 30%. - See more at: http://sfopera.com/blog/reasonstosee-michael/#sthash.RhQvgt67.dpuf

I’m still learning about opera, so I’m glad to see some of the more well-known classics woven into the season, since many are still new to me. I appreciate modern spins on old classics, so I’m especially looking forward to Aida. I studied art history in college, so I love it when the art world intersects with the performing arts. RETNA, the Artistic Designer, is known for a unique hieroglyphic-like style that’ll lend a fresh, modern sensibility to this classic. I have a few friends who love contemporary art, but know nothing about opera and even they are excited to see this. I think it’s great that this could be the way they discover an appreciation for an art form they’ve been unfamiliar with up to now.

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Reasons to See 2016–17