SFOpera - Why I Give - Andrew Lan

Why I Give - Andrew Lan

Andrew Lan is a founding member of Orpheus, San Francisco Opera’s dynamic community of young donors ages 21—40 who share a passion for opera and a belief in its future. Thanks to special funding, gifts from Orpheus donors are matched to bring their total contribution to the Medallion Society Founder ($3,000) level.

How did you first discover opera?
Trained as a violinist growing up, I was very familiar with the classical orchestral and chamber music repertoire, but knew very little about the “intimidating” world of opera. When I got to college at Stanford, I saw a flyer for San Francisco Opera’s student subscription program and decided to give it a try. It opened up a whole new world of classical music for me that involved story lines and characters as well as nearly every other artistic discipline, like an all-encompassing super-art form. I was hooked pretty quickly and have been subscribing ever since!

Do you have a favorite opera?
My favorite opera is Tosca, which simply has it all...gorgeous music, three vivid characters whose world views and philosophies of life come crashing together, resulting in compelling scenes of love, jealousy, lust, torture, betrayal, despair—you know, all the ingredients for exciting opera!

Why did you join Orpheus at San Francisco Opera?
When my friends Ben and Marina told me about their idea of starting Orpheus, I asked them to please sign me up! I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their incredible generosity and vision in sustaining Orpheus over the years. It goes without saying, the longevity of any organization requires laying the foundation for the vital participation by the patrons of the future. Joining Orpheus has inspired my own giving and has made it possible for me to become involved with the Opera well beyond just showing up at curtain time.

What have you enjoyed about being an Orpheus donor?
The benefits and perks are amazing. I particularly enjoy the social opportunities to meet similarly aged opera lovers, and I also really like the various behindthe-scenes activities, without which one could easily take for granted all the hard work and detailed coordination that has gone on before a finished performance. The chance to glimpse some of these intricacies allows me to grasp more concretely why my ticket represents but a fraction of the cost involved in staging such a massive undertaking night after night.

Interested in helping young patrons like Andrew get more involved at San Francisco Opera? Consider making a gift to the Orpheus Matching Gift Program to help develop the next generation of donors! Contact Derek Jandu, Individual Giving Officer, at [email protected] for more information. To learn more about Orpheus visit sfopera.com/orpheus.

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