SFOpera - Blood, Gore and Pies: Live Tweeting Sweeney Todd

Blood, Gore and Pies: Live Tweeting Sweeney Todd

San Francisco Opera has hosted tweet seaters at selected final dress rehearsals since June 2012. The latest iteration saw a group of social-savvy tweeters attend the final dress of Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd on September 9.

Witty observations, puns and emojis at the ready! Here’s just a selection of the hundreds of tweets sent during the course of the rehearsal that used the hashtag, #SweeneySF

Kudos to the Artists

Bloody Good Time

Contemporary Comparisons

Life and Opera Lessons Learned

And a tweet from onstage

Bravi, tutti
The production’s director, Lee Blakeley, thanked the tweeters, how else, with a tweet:

And, after all that tweet-work...

At several points in the evening, the Sweeney hashtag broke into the top trending topics on Twitter in San Francisco:


Our thanks to the intrepid, creative tweeters:
@ashleyemiller14, @Aspasia_1, @CatrinaManahan, @corinnerydman, @directordanic, @jefftabaco, @jenchang1, @jofum, @notchasebank, @phibetakitten, @phoenixspirit, @pinkyfrancisco1, @rachaelherron, @rjsanjose, @smartyboots, and @WonderMike.

Tweet you soon!

If you’d like to apply for our next round of live tweeting, be sure to join the over 50,000 followers of @SFOpera.

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