SFOpera - Live Tweeting a Marriage... of Figaro

Live Tweeting a Marriage... of Figaro

On June 11 a brave band gathered in a box to live tweet their views from the final dress rehearsal of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. The live tweeters worked tirelessly to portray the production, the plot and the artists during the dress rehearsal, making for a lively picture of a delightful afternoon.


Here’s just a selection of the over 600 tweets sent during the course of the rehearsal that used the special hashtag, #FigaroSF

Opera’s like that:




Production and Plot:






Ah, the artists!

Emotional reactions:

The Tweeters were noticed beyond the Opera House:

The Tweet Life:



With all that noise, our intrepid tweeters got #FigaroSF trending at #2 in San Francisco!

Our thanks to a super witty and energetic group of tweeters: @Aspasia_1, @directordanic, @eglasrud, @jazzpastord, @mizelectra, @mollyowilson, @notchasebank, @peripateticme, @phibetakitten

Tweet you soon!

If you’d like to apply for our next round of live tweeting, be sure to join the over 50,000 followers of @SFOpera.

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